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Royal Rumble 2017 John cena vs AJ styles Match:
After losing with Aj styles 3 times the C Nation Army leader John cena needs a victory over the current WWE champion,
Both men are no strangers each of them knows their opponents move very well, In this epic championship battle at royal rumble 2017 this two superstars will make history.
Real winner: ****.
Predicted | Expected winner : John Cena.
Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax:
This was the initial match in RR 2017 kick off ladies match And most expected match by the WWE Divas Fans, Predicted Winner of this match is sasha banks,
Real winner: ?.
Raw Tag team Champion ship match between the champions Cesaro & Sheamus Vs Gallows & Anderson we are expecting Cesaro team to win the match, And the real winner of the match will be announced soon.
Neville Vs Rich Swann for the Cruiser weight Championship, we are expecting the champion rich swann as winner.
Real winner: ?.
Roman Reigns Vs Kevin Owens for the universal championship along with jericho in a shark cage hang above the ring.
Prediction | Expected winner: Roman reigns.
Real winner: ????.

30 Men royal rumble 2017 match:

This is the main event match, battle between 30 wwe superstars which includes surprise entries of legends and returning wwe stars after long time,
Royal rumble 2017 match has many top wwe stars – brock lesnar, goldberg, Undertaker, roman and more, 2017 year RR filled with more expectations.
Predicted | Expected winner: Kane.
Real winner: ?.
HD Photos WWE Royal rumble:
undertaker goldberg, brock
undertaker goldberg, brock
triple h in the match
triple h in the match
logo of Royal Rumble 2017
logo of Royal Rumble 2017
Download all HD quality photos of royal rumble match, Super stars in actions, best and worst elimination, Surprise returns, more will be added in below slide show gallery.
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